About Expanded Polyethylene Foam (EPE Foam)

Polyethylene (EPE) foam is a durable, strong and resilient closed‐cell foam. The material starts off as a thermoplastic which is then blown into a foam format. The high compression rates that polyethylene offers, permit it to maintain its resilience under recurrent impact. It also gives the material excellent load bearing characteristics. It offers impressive versatility in its application.


There are several advantages of Polyethylene (EPE) foam, which are as follows:

1. Extremely Flexible

2. Has a great shock absorbency

3. Resistance to Chemicals

4. Resistance to Water and Moisture

5. Has a very low thermal conductivity and thus offers the best insulation against heat

6. It is nontoxic, and good for food packaging.

7. It can easily be shaped into various objects

8. Extremely Light Weight

9. Polyethylene foam can be dyed in a variety of colours


Polyethylene foam has a large number of application. It can be used for a large variety of applications such as:

1. Protection of fragile and breakable items such as glass and glassware, scientific instruments, and delicate parts of machinery.

2. Insulating air conditioners, pipes, heaters, etc.

3. In Construction – can be used for many applications in construction such as in joint fillers, water proofing, etc.

4. Used in the making of life vests and other floatation devices.

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