EPE Foam Sheets

Used to package and guide edges of all electronics appliance, Laptops and computers against breakage, liquid, rodent and chemicals

It is used to cushion the back and arm rest of furniture to give that soft feel.

It is laid on the base of wooden beds to keep the wood from breakage and also against rodents and insects.

It is sewed with the tape edge of all mattress to provide corner support.

It is used as a base for the production of spring mattress to give the spring elasticity. It also acts as an insulator for the base pads of the spring mattress.

It is used to insulate the inner surface area of the bag to maintain the temperature of meals.

A.C Duct

used to wrap the copper wire in the insulation material, to give the AC its cooling effect.

 It helps in insulation during conduit wiring.


Poly Rod

It is used in expansion joint during construction and closing some gaps in the building

Laminated / Insulation Panel

It is used in thermal insulation of sandwich panel


Fruit Net

It is used as a protective packaging for fruits and wine bottles, so as to prevent the fruit from squashing and wine bottles from breakage.

Memory Foam

This is used in:

  • Making contour pillows aimed at providing therapeutic support for shoulder and neck region.
  • Making back seat support, designed to help reduce pressure and pains accumulated from the waist region when sitting for long hours.
  • Making neck support, designed to ease pressure and prevent stiffness around the neck when sitting or lying down.

Moulded Foam Seats

This is made of high density molded foam which are very durable and ergonomically designed to suit chairs and automobile seats market specifications.

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